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9+ Ideas To Host A Virtual Bachelorette Party With Bridezilla

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 27 July, 2020

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Ladies fret not over COVID-19 or the lockdown, if it has hijacked your date of Bachelorette Party. We know that all you wish for is a night-in with your bridezilla and nothing will stop you from getting there. Remind yourself that you’ve still got a screen with a great wifi connection to keep this night going. Just have your girls invited virtually so you could be the shiniest host of the year. If you are unsure of what to do, then we have you covered, as we have prepared a list of activities for you to keep it glittery! Check out these 9+ Exciting Virtual Bachelorette Party Ideas To Try.

1. Play Drinking Games


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Drinking games are always an excellent way to maintain the fun factor at a party. So be it Zoom, Google Hangouts, Face-time, Skype or any other video calling method you desire to come together on for a night with drinks!

2. Sponsor a Budgeted Item Online


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Shopping is fun alone, and it doubles the joy when done in a group. Set a budget and let each of your bridesmaids pick something online where you could keep it on the house. Oh, this shall be undeniable for ladies!

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3. Get Your Hands On Bingo


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Free Bingo game can be easily found online, so send out the tickets in advance and enjoy the game with some booze. Keep cashing the winners or have a gift sent to them. It is super smooth.

4. Unwrap Gifts Virtually


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If you like to unwrap your bridal gifts in front of your friends, then do that too. Let them know who bought you the best gift. There’s always a room for such conversations that are never-ending. Sip to that! 

5. Host a Fun Zumba Session


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A great way to sweat it all out with your group is to host a Zumba session. Let everyone follow your lead and keep the bachelorette party full of energy. Burn calories and research about the beer workout/ beer yoga if you wish to try that. 

6. Try DIY Face Masks Together

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Get the best DIY Face Mask formula that suits you and share with your favourite ladies. Try it together, and you will have your group salon moment well-executed virtually. Just the way you wished for it!

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7. Bake A Cake


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Exchange cake recipes on a group video call and have them tried out. This yummiest outcome of a bachelorette party will be loved by everyone. Relieve your midnight sweet-tooth with these cakes. Girls who bake together stay together!

8. Get Slumber Ready and Gossip


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Dress up like a diva for the party and bring in your sexy pyjamas to show off. Slay your looks and gossip all night. Don’t forget to keep your booze or energy drinks handy because the night is going to be long!

9. Screen Share a Chick Flick Movie / Netflix Watch Party


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After all the gossiping, you may want to watch a cheesy chick flick together in your cosy beds. So, set your devices to share a screen and play the movie to further enjoy your night. Well, we know a couple of your friends might be snoring if they’re tipsy. But the show must go on! 

10. The Evergreen Game Of Truth And Dare


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If you have more or less time to be together in case of a busy schedule, then consider playing a few rounds of truth and dare. This can be played with or without liquor as per your choice. But it will have everybody thrilled since this is an evergreen game. Have a great bachelorette party girl gang!

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One or all? Tell us about your favourite virtual bachelorette party activity from our list in the comment section below.