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7 Tips To Keep Yourself Off Greasy Hair In Summer

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 27 July, 2020

Image Source: Vogue India

The summer approaches each year with a bloomy scenery, longer daytime and endless popsicle love. It is a joy to be able to move around in breezy outfits as long as our hair is on fleek. However, high temperature and regular activities can stimulate greasiness on the scalp resulting as a summer spoiler. Perhaps, it is time to try these 7 Tips To Keep Yourself Off Greasy Hair In Summer. Nobody shall have oiliness ruin their day!

1. DIY Lemon Extract Hair-mask


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With only two ingredients, you can reverse a bad hair day if caused by an oily scalp. Mix 1 egg white and 1 lemon’s juice, then apply it to your scalp and hair evenly. Lemon balances the Ph level of the scalp removing excess oil and dandruff. Whereas, egg whites supply protein and promote hair growth. Leave on the mask for ten minutes and wash it off with cold water. Follow the rinsing procedure by using the regular shampoo and conditioner. 

2. Oil-Free Shampoo


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It is necessary to change hair products in winter and summer, as most of the time we put up with a greasy head is due to the wrong shampoo. So you can wisely pick out a shampoo which promises to be oil-free and contains natural ingredients. Your hair will come to life in no time and remember to buy a sulphate-free shampoo for gentle care.

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3. Apply Hair-Oil For A Minimum Time


Image Source: Hello Glow

Haircare regimes such as application of Castor, Olive or Coconut oil twice a week can boost your hair growth although the application of these heavy oils shall be timed for not more than 5 hours. This is to keep the oil residue to the minimum level and avoid oil secretion, especially in summer after a hair wash.

4. Try To Stay Sweat-Proof


Image Source: Fitness Magazine

It is important to stay sweat-proof in summer by staying indoors or getting cooled off from time to time. This will highly impact your hair as the sweat glands will have a controlled oil production. Trying to stay out of direct heat is the best way to avoid tacky hair. 

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5. Wash Your Hair Thrice A Week


Image Source: Life Savvy

While alternating the hair wash days can strip off natural oils from your hair and scalp. It is always advised to wash hair once in three days with a product that fuels natural hair health. Tea Tree Oil, Green Tea Extracts, Lemon and Menthol based hair products can be beneficial on the hotter days.

6. Purchase Oil-Free Hair Serums


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Oily or Dry hair, there is a wide range of hair serums available to us nowadays where the texture of the product speaks for itself. So getting a lightweight serum can reduce the overcoating on your hair strands. Always sample and check for suitable ingredients when choosing a hair serum. Avoiding too many hair products will just do the trick.

7. Avoid Hot Shower


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Hot showers can take away the natural oils from your hair and may not rinse the shampoo along with conditioner fully. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid lukewarm to hot showers for hair specifically. 

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