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5 Ways To Darken The Mehndi For Every Occasion

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 11 November, 2020

Image Source: At Home Diva

Henna application is so much fun and festive that it is hard to overlook the beautiful designs it has to offer. If you are one of those women who enjoy applying it, then this read will fascinate you because what is henna without its deep dark colour. To get it all on fleek, check out 5 Ways To Darken The Mehndi. They say the darker the colour, the more your mother-in-law will love you in future. So scroll down and explore the tips to get the desired results.

1. Keep The Henna On For As Long As You Can


Image Source: Wedding Trend Photography

Once the henna is applied, you must try not to hurry in the removal of the dry layer. Rather, keep it for approximately 45 minutes more before getting rid of the flaky devil. It will dry up completely this way and have you satisfied with the rich colour.

2. Lemon And Sugar Dab


Image Source: Charmi Mehta Makkar

The lemon and sugar concentration is actively used post mehendi application. It helps to penetrate the colour deeper in the skin for lasting colour and therefore, should be dabbed on once the henna is dried up. You may dab this concentration a couple of times and it is completely harmless.

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3. Do Not Wash The Henna


Image Source: Alankritaa

Avoid getting your hands around the water after henna application as this could be the reason for not getting the deep brown colour as a result. Be prepared to stay away from washing your hands once you get your mehndi on! However, if the world is falling apart then we would recommend you rub off the henna when it is entirely dry.

4. Apply Oil After Removing Mehndi


Image Source: Gautam Khullar Photography

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Mehndi oils are available online and are the best when it comes to bringing out the authentic henna colour. Simply apply it on your hands after removing your mehndi and you will love the outcome. 

5. Apply Vicks Intensely That Very Night


Image Source: Mehndi By Hayat

Strangely, Vicks works the best to darken the mehndi colour and conveniently, it can be found at home. The very night of henna removal, you can consider applying Vicks on your hands to be amazed the next morning with great dark colour.

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Try these tips to darken your gorgeous mehendi and share your favourite one in the comments below.