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29+ Trending Bridal Hairstyles For Wedding

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 07 August, 2020

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Brides love to doll up on their Big day and try to stay on fleek at each ceremony. Selection of hairstyles is just as important as choosing outfits and jewellery for all occasions. Therefore, we have put together a list of 29+ Trending Bridal Hairstyles For Wedding to inspire you. Since you only marry once, the real goal is to make every part of it beautiful.

Let your hair down and accessorise it with Matha-Patti for your bridal look. Loose curls at the end will add texture to the hair.


Image Source: Indianstreetfashion, Instagram

Flaunt your highlights in this hair down curled look. The sly sight of your favourite earrings and maang tikka would appear to be modern.


Image Source: Amritkaur Artistry

Straighten your hair from the roots and curl the tips. Let the accessories take care of your styling.


Image Source: Awais Javed Photography

A Half updo entirely shifts the focus on the cheekbones and is a great option to look thinner.


Image Source: Ivy Weddings 

A puffed front partition can be tied and twisted to achieve this half updo and finished with a head accessory.


Image Source: Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

You may pitch into this half tied down hairstyle for an engagement ceremony. The accessories are well placed with flat curls.


Image Source: Simmy Makwana

Delicate braiding from the front, when tied at the back, forms a heart shape which seems very cute. This look has a room for your treasured floral hairpins.


Image Source: Simmy Makwana

For medium to long-haired women, try this textured hairstyle which is a half updo with a folded crown and topped up with floral pins. 


Image Source: Simmy Makwana

This fishtail braid crown is perfect for any occasion if you plan for a unique half updo look.


Image Source: Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

Go simple with a pinch of creativity for this hairstyle. The front sections are twisted and tucked with pins forming roses. Haldi ceremony is ideal for this pick. 


Image Source: Sarita Singh

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Light crimped waves are trending where the hairstyle seems clean. You may as well pull this look with bold makeup and a newly bought bridal jewellery set.


Image Source: Makeup By Punya Sharma

 Brides can add in extensions if necessary for this marvellous divided fishtail ponytail hairstyle on the day of their wedding reception.


Image Source: Simmy Makwana

 If your stylist can achieve the complexity of this ponytail hairstyle, then you may select this inspiration. You may even choose to match the adornments with your bridal outfit. 


Image Source: Orange The Salon

Crimped french braid pony with wavy ends gives volume and structure to the hairstyle. It can be teamed up with any outfit and occasion, especially if your drop earrings are ready to slay.


Image Source: Amrita Kaur

 Fishtail braids with crowns look mesmerising. If you have long hair, then do give this elegant hairstyle a go for your big day. Roses can be exactly placed as the image to prep this look.


Image Source: Ritika Hairstylist

Backcombed braided ponytail gives a volumised look to the hairstyle. As a bride, you may pick some floral accessories for enhancement of the look and add a puff to the crown section for similar appearance.


Image Source: The Adorable By Pooja

 A messy bun tucked in with a rhinestone clutcher looks sophisticated and is suitable for saree outfits. Tied hair stays in place for long making one’s features the primary focus.



Three-section clean bun is ideal for brides who wish to drape their bridal dupatta on their heads. This hairstyle for brides can be accessorised with floral bands or fresh jasmine garland.


Image Source: Shades Photography

Messy hair bun with twisted hair strands can be a bride’s selection as it stylishly packs the hair. This can be an option for those who are looking forward to a different yet pretty bun hairdo.


Image Source: Razz Films And Photography

Clean bun look is suitable for a dupatta that is to be draped on the head. Facial aesthetics seem to be more prominent in this hairstyle and remain evergreen for various occasions.


Image Source: The Styles By Sha

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 Low bun with curled side flipped hair from the front looks extraordinary as a hairstyle. The waves created by curling makes the bun look regal and tucked in fresh flowers is the cherry on top factor.


Image Source: India Glitz

Spraying and lifting is the technique in which hairstyles can be seen nowadays. It adds texture to the hair that looks alluring. This low bun look is suitable for brides who have endless love for dressing up.


Image Source: Vinod Gajjar Photography

Double bun hairstyle is when two doughnuts are placed one above the other. First one creates a puffed-up look as hair overlaps it and the other placed right below it is to define the bun. Brides can choose this look for their wedding day.


Image Source: Jasmine Hairdo

Messy hair bun with flowers makes the hair look fuller by added volume. Sections are created to pin at the back for the bun to be folded. If you are seeking a hairstyle for your bridal saree, then this could be it.


Image Source: Ritika Hairstylist

Curled hair can never stop making you look like a queen. Any hairstylist can manage these flat curls with twists below the crown area. The cleanliness of the top indeed looks elegant and suits cocktail attires.


Image Source: Richa Dave, Jasmine Beauty Care

An uplifted open hairdo can be selected by women who do not like flat-headed hairstyles. You can keep the hair down and make your jawline look slimmer in this style.


Image Source: My Inspired Media

Hair accessories can make a big difference to basic curls. This hairstyle is all about loose and messy curls where the accessory is camouflaged with the flow.


Image Source: Reba Khan

Straight hair makes facial features look sharp and mainly shifts the focus on the face with a minimal hairstyle. Try this hairstyle to look edgy.


Image Source: Neha Rajpoot

A thinly braided front section is effortless and beautiful. Pair it up with a maang-tikka and curl the ends for it to look appealing. If you want to keep your hair at rest, then try this look. 


Image Source: Rinku Dobariya Hair & Makeup Artist

Combed back and brides prefer the low crimped bun as they keep their dupattas on their head. If you want no flat head stress, then this can be a great choice of hairstyle.


Image Source: Prajakta & Suraj, Plush Affairs

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With the variety of hairstyles that a bride can choose from, tell us in the comment section about your pick from this list.