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23 Indian Bridal Jewellery Pieces for Your Bucket List

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 24 August, 2020

Image Source: Deo Studios

Gems and Jewels spark up all women’s eyes, and they want to look nothing but prestigious while adorning themselves with exemplary Jewellery designs. If you have room to stock some gorgeous jewellery pieces and are looking for inspiration, then this blog of 23 Indian Bridal Jewellery Pieces for your bucket list is for you. It will help you find the trending Indian jewellery designs that are a must-have for your bucket list. You may as well pair them up with your outfits to amp up your look. Get scrolling because we have an interesting list waiting for you.

1. South Indian Style Full Set of Temple Jewellery


Image Source: Khush Mag

Temple Jewellery is ideally worn by brides in South India. The intricate craftsmanship in their gold work makes it stunning and the engraved figures of Hindu Deities and traditional shapes make it authentic to be carried with Silk Sarees.

2. Temple Jewellery Set With Mixed Jewels


Image Source: Khush Mag

The necklace in this Temple Jewellery Set is fused with ancient design elements while subtly maintaining the tweak of Kundan, Ruby, Baby Peals, Red and Green Stones in the Pendant. However, the Maang-Tikka includes a god figure to bring out the temple jewellery concept in a minimal way.

3. Jadau Nath with Choker Necklace 


Image Source: Omarsamira, Instagram 

Jadau is semi-precious jewellery where the stone is not overly heated and retains its natural shape to save its originality. The Nath aka nose ring is made out of Jadau appearing to be magnificent. It can be mixed and matched with a Pearl necklace and Kundan choker similar to the image.

4. Teaming Up Precious Kundan and Pearls 


Image Source: Khush Mag

The team of Pearls and Kundan can be seen to add in a heritage touch to the overall appearance. Therefore, the necklace, along with Jhumka and Maang-Tikka, can be worn with Chiffon or Georgette Sarees to enhance the royalty within you.

5. Unique Mahalaxmi Temple Jewellery with Crimson Accents 


Image Source: Khush Mag

The auspicious motif of goddess Mahalaxmi is seen to make women feel strong in their skin, as they portray themselves to be just as powerful and pure as the deity. Temple jewellery for women commonly has goddess Mahalaxmi’s figures, and this beautiful jewellery set has tones of crimson making it look stylish yet uniquely different.

6. Five Piece Gold Jhumka Set beaded with Pearls


Image Source: Sukhan - Ali Xeeshan

This set is for the soulful taste as the five pieces are seamlessly matching with one another. The Jhumka can be tucked with a hair down look whereas, the matching gold Maang-Tikka with choker can be worn as single pieces for various outfits. The drop detailing of the choker brings out the soft touch in the entire look.

7. Sophisticated Kundan Ornaments In A Single Set


Image Source: Manpreet Toor, Team JSP

The composition of this Kundan set is sophisticated, as all the jewellery pieces are laid out with elegance suiting the silver and grey tones. The drop detail combined with crescents is the true beauty of this set. Inclusive of Bangles, Necklace, Earrings, Nose Ring and Maang-Tikka, the set has stolen our hearts.

8. Maharani’s Gold and Pearl Collar


Image Source: Azva Jewellery

Inspired from Rajputi culture, this Maharani Gold and Pearl mingled necklace is setting a new trend. Its exquisite collar-covering shape terms it to be a collar necklace, and despite its minimal division, it depicts a fuller look with whatever it is worn.

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9. Go Bold in Gold With An Emphasized Choker


Image Source: Khush Mag

Ladies love to have jewellery that is dipped in gold, so here we present an excellent idea to support your visions. This set has inclusions of thick bangles and antique armlets that will set out the ethnic vibe that you have been wanting. The best part about this jewellery set is that it can be worn with all solid colours and is timeless.

10. Semi-precious Kundan Armlets with Bangles and Rings


Image Source: Behance, Archisman Misra

Innovatively designed pieces of Bangles, Armlets, Rings and Bracelets in semi-precious Kundan is a fantastic sight. The carvings in these designs are clean and artistic. It appears to have a slight touch of Moroccan patterns but still bending on the traditional Indian fashion. This set is suitable for all the champagne and ivory coloured outfits.

11. Red and Green Work in Wide Polki Maang-Tikka


Image Source: Deepika’s Deep Clicks

Wide Maang-Tikka is very much in demand and ladies are drooling all over the new patterns that are selling in the marketplace. One of them is Polki Maang-Tikka that has a sense of fullness, making it look complete in a single piece too. For anything that needs bare minimum accessories, this is a great option.

12. Dreamy Pastel Kundan Extended Choker Necklace


Image Source: Khush Mag

A piece from our own bucket list is the extended pastel choker that can be royally posed around with. You may funk it up with contrasting colours of your attire or slay the Kundan studded work with something enchanting. This necklace is great for the days when you want to up your game.

13. Silver-bound Maharani Haar Necklace


Image Source: Sabyasachi Jewellery

The silver bound Maharani Haar solves the purpose of dressing up like a queen. This multi-layered necklace is overloaded with expensive stones that will charm everybody around you. It has a cold vintage hint to it that makes it suitable for cooler colour tones. Even the darker shades would do the magic with this piece.

14. Multi-Chained Golden Regal Necklace


Image Source: Amrapali Jewels, Jaipur

This regal necklace with floral motifs that are interlaced with the chains is remarkable. An extraordinary piece to add to your jewellery collection since it is developed with gold which adds beauty to all ethnic outfits. The pattern can be matched with indo-western silhouettes too.

15. Minty Green Monochromatic Jewellery Set


Image Source: Khush Mag

The summer coloured jewellery is here, and this Minty Green Monochromatic jewellery set is one of them. Pair it together, or in singles, it will suit all the pastel hues keeping you looking like a fashionista. Its delicate chain work makes us want to crush on it for as long as we can gaze.

16. Royal Pearl and Ruby Studded Neck pieces


Image Source: Sabyasachi Jewellery

Dazzle in pearls like a Sethani and dangle the ruby pendant around your pretty neck. The slender ruby Matha-Patti is awe-inspiring and can suit different outfits. A set like this is worth investing in if you have a taste of this sort. The pendant like this shall be passed on in the form of legacy as it is evergreen.

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17. Mughal Fusion Jewellery Set With Imaginative Ear-cuffs


Image Source: Raabta By Rahul

Experience the Mughal culture if you choose to wear a related Necklace. The image of King and Queen peeking out of the window is unusually satisfying in terms of the aesthetics. The earrings have ear cuffs to go along with the entire composition, and our eyes are rooting this piece. Big fat pearls complement several attires.

18. Indigo United With Jadau And Gold Work In A Jewellery Set


Image Source: Symetree

Indigo united with jewels is uncommon yet appealing, and if you ever come across a jewellery set like this, then it shall not be passed. It is super fresh, and the summer colours can be well-matched and accessorised with these fabulous Earrings, Bangles and Necklace.

19. Choker and Passa Set With Multi Coloured Gems 


Image Source: Karan Sidhu Photography

Passa is a Mughal head accessory that comes in various materials. The one in the image is beaded with tiny pearls and laced with golden wires. The match made in heaven is the mult-icoloured gems within the choker that is seen to be topped off with Jadau. A luxurious combination like this is worth a stare.

20. Pastel Blended With Pearls In The Demulined Motifs


Image Source: Razz Films And Photography

If you are the sister of a bride to be, then consider this demulined motif choker to pair up with vibrant colours. The huge pearls in the choker will balance the dressy outfit with a substantial amount of accessorising that you are seeking for. This four-piece jewellery set can be a great match for many other shades.

21. Offbeat Circular Ring With Stonework


Image Source: Raniwala 1881, Bridal Asia

You may be a Ring collector or a gem fanatic, so to soothe your appetite, we have shared an undeniable inspiration. It has colourful stones studded in the little hearts of the ring. A great blend of shapes, this ring has brought the cultural authenticity in modern life which keeps us mesmerised.

22. Eccentric Floral Jewellery In Rare A Colour


Image Source: Vintage Films

Haldi and Mehendi ceremonies could make space for floral jewellery sets like these. Its rare colour has stolen our attention with the fragile petals that are demonstrated. Yellow, Pink, Powder blue and pastel colours can befriend this piece. So get your manicures on point if you choose to buy this floral jewellery set.

23. Crescent Nath Designed To Go With A Chunky Passa


Image Source: Jagdish Jewellers

The fine work of this crescent Nath has a floral motif added in the centre which gets tucked up with a delicate Kundan chain. The colour coordination of this piece is well-matched with the outfit making it easy for people to try this jewellery with a variety of attires. The Passa sets out a Mughal vibe and makes the entire set look heavy, which is apt for Indian ceremonies.

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Which Jewellery Pieces are making it to your bucket list? Tell us in the comment section below.