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21 Solitaire Ring Designs Under 5 Lakh to Woo Your Honey

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Updated on 29 July, 2020

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We have seen the look on people's faces who are head over heels for Diamonds! It is quite understandable for a stone full of worth and its magnetic appearance. If you are close to shortlisting a ring for yourself, then sit along with your honey because in this blog not only will you get to know about the 21 Solitaire ring designs under 5 Lakh, but also the important four C’s of a Diamond. The precious stone is majorly focused on its Cut, Carat, Clarity and Colour, so do consider these factors when you visit the jewellery store. Keep scrolling to get to know about different cuts and designs of some marvelous pieces.  


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1. Avail the beauty of the Round-Cut solitaire.

Whether you choose a Big Solitaire or Small, its real beauty will be exhibited based on its cut. A well-cut diamond defines an excellent quality whereas, an unauthentic stone will look raw and undesirable due to its bland texture. The round-cut solitaire is circular-shaped, which infills more lustre.


Image Source: Jeulia

The Halo round-cut Silver sterling ring will charm you with its vintage-inspired design. Its swirling lines that are framed to perfection will make it eye-catching from every angle. The solitaire is of 2.5 Carat with a 7mm size.


Image Source: BBGEM

If you are into Rose Gold metal, then this moissanite diamond engagement ring with 100% colourless gem can be your pick. The weight of the diamond is 1.2-carat with 7mm round-cut. It complements all that you have in your wardrobe and comes with a promise ring to double the charm.


Image Source: Ascot Diamonds

A brilliant petite halo ring for women whose taste is more feminine. This glossy round-cut diamond is 1.70-carat made in 18k white gold metal band, and the halo is handcrafted for a unique touch. It’ll sparkle for a lifetime ladies!

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2. Tap into the world of Princess-Cut Diamonds.

Princess-cut is defined as the diamond that is either square or rectangular shaped. The edges are clawed out and might include fates from a minimum of forty to a maximum of one hundred and forty-four.


Image Source: Jeulia

This innovative princess-cut diamond ring has all the attention with its graceful crossover shank in sterling silver. Its centre stone of 2.85-carat enhances the 7.7mm size and makes it sparkle with elegance. It is indeed for women seeking something more exquisite.


Image Source: Benz & Co. Diamonds

Get in focus a 1.20-carat princess-cut solitaire with stones studded on the band of 14k white gold. Its excellent polish and cut will have you drooling all over it. This choice can be adapted for daily use.


Image Source: Ken & Dana Design

This combo of 14k yellow gold enriched with a 1-carat glorious princess-cut diamond in a single piece is pure fascination. For neutral to warm skin tones, this can be a smart choice to suit all attires and occasions. 

3. Indulge in the lustrous Oval-Cut Stone.

An oval-cut solitaire is for those with small fingers as it creates an illusion of longer fingers. This cut is a modification of the round-cut and is merely designed with additional stones.


Image Source: eBay

This 2.00-carat oval-cut, white moissanite diamond ring in 14k rose gold band is love at first sight. Set your eyes on this piece if your style preference is chic.


Image Source: Kensington, Olive Avenue Jewelry

Classy comes to our mind when we gaze at this 14k gold ring with 0.75-carat oval-cut and colourless diamond. The ring features four marquises and six round-cut accent stones to beautify the oval-shape. It is fit for a prestigious affair!


Image Source: Vogue Gem

This attractive 2.1-carat double-banded crowned oval-cut 7.9mm engagement ring features a classic white coloured moissanite. The accent coloured side stones hold 0.8-carat in a 14k gold band and can be chosen by women who wish to wear it regularly.

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4. Heart-throbbing uniqueness of a Marquise-Cut Diamond.

An eye-shaped or oval-cut diamond with pointed edges is called a Marquise-cut. The dramatic shape can make the solitaire weigh more than its value. It is an ideal chase!


Image Source: Jeulia

An alluring marquise-cut solitaire ring in sterling silver with 1.6-carat white diamond will surely woo your boo. It is hugged with a halo of round-cut stones making it glittery from every angle, so amaze her with this tasteful ring.


Image Source: Tiger Gems

Get yourself a stylish 1.25-carat marquise-cut solitaire ring in sterling silver and rhodium plating.


Image Source: Valerie Madison

If you see yourself digging this ring, then you might have a thing for sleek pieces. The ring features 1-carat marquise-cut moissanite that is clustered by round-cut diamonds for a vintage appearance. The band of 14k gold makes it even more treasurable.  

5. Get to know about the Cushion-Cut Solitaires.

A cushion or pillow-cut solitaire is square and rectangular-shaped with rounded edges. They have bigger facets and usually assembled with higher carat weight diamonds.


Image Source: Auriya, Overstock

Dazzle your lady with a 1-carat cushion-cut diamond ring in 14k white gold. The double halo details enrich the ring and surround itself with stones studded on the band. 


Image Source: Etsy

Lose your heart to this 1.55-carat cushion-cut ring if you like to keep it modern. The timeless ring holds 0.15-carat side stones in a 14k white gold setting, making it glossy enough for the catch. 


Image Source: Sky Dell Design

Commemorate your relationship by gifting your beloved this spectacular 14k gold ring with a cushion-cut diamond of 1.52-carat. This slim and gleaming ring will absolutely blow her mind.  

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6. Let the Pear-Cut Diamond do the magic.

A pear-shaped stone makes the hand seem slimmer and forms a teardrop shape. It is a combination of an oval and marquise cut with one pointed edge.


Image Source: Etsy

A delightful set of the ring with marquise crowning the 0.2-carat pear-cut solitaire that is set in 14k rose gold band. The visible side stone detail carries 0.58-carat, which can be suited to all fashion needs.


Image Source: Janai Jewellery

Your search for an eternal solitaire ends here as this ring will make you admire it at each sight. Its 1-carat pear-cut diamond in sterling silver with a halo full of round-cut stones will tempt you to keep it on at all times.


Image Source: Era Gem

Show off the thick diamond band with a 5.73-carat pear-cut diamond. This ring is an investment for all those special occasions to come. The 14k gold blends in well with this design with princess-cut diamonds filled on its band. Don’t resist it!

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7. A Radiant Diamond Ring will be your next guilty pleasure.

A radiant diamond is a combo of a rectangular-shaped and round-cut. It is one of the rarest cuts of opulent diamonds. Filled with glamour for you to have a celebrity moment.


Image Source: Intl Diamond Merchants

This versatile radiant-cut diamond ring in 0.68-carat can surely be a part of your busy life. Having to wear a pretty piece of jewellery has a joy of its own, especially when it arrives in 18k gold. The two emerald-cut diamonds on each side of the centre stone complete the design.


Image Source: Jeulia

An interchangeable 5.2-carat radiant-cut ring design is what you need for your futuristic style. The inner band holds stones and the piece is created with platinum bands. On the days of your choice, you may remove or have the set on, in any way you wish to.


Image Source: Jeulia

This is the kind of ring that makes for a great proposal story. The radiant-cut 5.2-carat diamond is not the only beauty of this piece because the added triple row pave shank is its ideal cover. We are currently crushing over this piece!

Share with us your favourite ring designs from our curated collection in the comment section below.


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