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15 Unique Ways To Propose At Home

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 12 August, 2020

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A wedding proposal is too important to be executed correctly, so before you pop the question to your honey, there are a few things to keep in mind to get a big fat YES. Despite a ring, spare an extraordinary gift as a gesture and decorate the space of proposal. Choose soothing music to play in the background, time the moment accurately to avoid getting busted, do not forget to capture the memory and if you need to go an extra mile to set an impression, then we have 15 Unique Ways To Propose At Home. These ideas are sure to woo your boo, therefore, check them out before your personal pitch.

1. Dreamy Destination Decoration in the Room


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Recreate their dream destination in a room by adding in the glamour factor with candles and their favourite flowers. Set up by the window to a surreal view or arrange a backdrop if it takes you to bring the charm within the place. Voila!

2. During A Set-Up Photoshoot


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There are two ways to make this surprise a success. Either call them over for a photoshoot and have their mind blown away to the wedding proposal arrangement or ask them to marry you in the middle of the photoshoot. Their reaction will be priceless.

3. Virtual Proposal


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It is time to ask them virtually since the lockdown may be causing you to delay your wedding proposal, while you thrive on being by their side. There are multiple ways to try this one-

If the couple is afar, pop the ring during a video call session with bae.

If the couple can manage to gather at a place, then add your families to a virtual call and have them live while you make your move for a collaborative celebration. You will totally have the blessing of your family.

4. In The Middle Of A Game


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Stage a board game evening with your beloved, play cards or scrabble and amaze them by putting a ring on their finger. Alternatively, you can place the letters on the scrabble board or slip in a ‘Will You Marry Me?’ card suddenly. This idea will have their jaw dropped.

5. Breakfast In Bed



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Who does not want to wake up to a surprise? Especially to a warm proposal and breakfast in bed! It is hard to react and gulp in the life-changing moment of love as soon as you rise in the morning but eventually puts a wide smile on your face. Aww!

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6. Plan A Treasure Hunt


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Utilise the home space by planning a treasure hunt with you baby boo where you can hide the proposal ring in the process. Do keep the camera ready for their tear of joy, rolling out with utmost love as soon as they unfold the mystery. Creativity is always appreciated when you plan on a big moment of initiating the wedding.

7. Make Use Of Your Backyard


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A raw or landscaped backyard can definitely be used for a surprise wedding proposal. All it takes is a little fairytale lighting, minimal furnishing, candles, and their favourite decoration element to brighten up the moment. It will appear enchanting in the evening, so if you have been wondering about the space to use at home, then backyard could be one of them for the Big Question.

8. The Classic Wine Tasting


Image Source: Yo Ranch Steakhouse, Dallas

Ring in a wine glass is a cliche but experiencing that second is totally unimaginable for a lady. It may seem unreal and undeniable at the same time. If you fear to have your boo choke over a diamond, you can also try to pop the ring in the middle of wine tasting for an equivalent reaction. She will be stunned!

9. Follow The Candle And Floral Trail


Image Source: Proposal Boutique

We know restaurants are out of reach at present, so why not use a balcony, living room, pool area, bedroom or any space you have available privately to arrange a trail of candles and flowers? Ring your woman after having her follow the trail. In the end, you can be positioned on your knees or have a big Marry Me written somewhere. Our heart is melting already!

10. Recreate Their Favourite Movie Scene


Image Source: Downtown Abbey

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Make their favourite movie moment come to life by recreating it at your place. Ask for a little help from their best friends and family to get it right at once. A garden set up, a romantic dance, a candlelight dinner, laddering up their balcony or whatever they like can be put together in action. This will be the story of a lifetime for them, so gift them a heavenly moment.

11. Narrate At A Love Story's End


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Find a love story to narrate, or you may as well write one on your own for a special touch, then at the end put up your question. They will be initially tricked into thinking that you were narrating them a story. However, they would be left blushing by the end of it.

12. Middle Of The Movie Surprise



Image Source: The Proposers

If you binge-watch shows or movies as a couple, then this would suit your taste because you can ask them to marry you amid a movie night. We suggest you keep a room ready full of decoration for a dash of sweetness. They will be amused for sure by this move.

13. At The End Of The Couple's Memory Slideshow


Image Source: Ferns N Petals

On your laptop or projector screen, bind together a slideshow full of your couple pictures. Screen this slideshow when you are with your significant other and surprise them with the endnote of ‘Will You Marry Me?’ Oh! So dreamy.

14. Get Your Pets To Create The Moment


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Smart pets can be your buddies to help you make the proposal memorable. Hang the Marry Me signage on their neck and walk together towards the love of your life. They will be speechless to see the cuteness of the moment and are definitely not going to deny any part of it.

15. Wake Up To The Life-Changing Proposal


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If you are not too great at cooking breakfast and yet wish to propose her as soon as she wakes up, then you decorate the house when they are asleep. Put in all your effort as to their liking to see them shine in the morning daylight with a humungous smile that says yes.

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Tell us in the comments below how you are planning your unique wedding proposal.