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15 Exciting Winter Wedding Decor Elements For 2021

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Updated on 19 April, 2021

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The fall season is almost here and it is giving us butterflies to introduce just the holiday mood you may be seeking for. Yes! After the entire year of quarantine, we are expecting the rise of wedding celebration by the end of 2021. So kick in the 15 Exciting Winter Wedding Decor Elements that are listed in our read to double the fun at your Big Day! At last, these little elements make a perfect composition that will be reminisced by you. Get scrolling and explore these ideas.

Bonus: The forecasted colour palette for Fall/Winter Wedding Decor 2021 consists of Ivory tones, Deep red hues along with contrasting emerald and topped with glittery gold. 

1. Wedding Wreaths


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Incorporate enchanting Wedding Wreaths to the decoration as Photo-booths, Signage or Seating. The fusion of floral mediums in the wreaths make them appealing and have been trending for quite some time.

2. Pines Cones




Image Source: Deisy Photography

Pine cones can diversify your decor and add more character to it. They can very well serve beauty to floral centerpieces, simple table setups and food displays. It is crazy how one little seasonal element makes a huge difference to the overall ambience.

3. Berries With Floral Arrangements


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If your wedding date is to fall in December or you wish to go with a rustic vibe, then Holly Berries are your elements. They can be arranged together with the floral setups, be it centerpieces, bouquets and other floral zones since berries will look pretty with anything. 

4. Caffeine Dilemma AKA Coffee / Tea Bar




Image Source: Lauren Rae Photography

It is known to us that food that looks good tastes good! Even if it is the warm cup of caramel latte at a chilly wedding ceremony that goes well with a slice of cake. Yummy! Make your coffee bar catchy by adding cute props to it. Nothing better than to beat the cold with a hot cup of Chai or Coffee! 

5. Candles By the Aisle




Image Source: Ettore Franceschi

You can place candles by the aisle for a remarkable bridal entry. They are absolutely dreamy and appear to be a soothing element of the entire decoration. 

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6. Snowflake Accents


Image Source: E How


Image Source: Weddbook

Get snowflake accents to add the winter mood to your wedding. Well, you do not have to make it Christmas-like but a slight touch of snowflakes would appear magical as the season’s special element. 

7. Candy Bars


Image Source: Wedding Venues

From trick or treating to Christmas socks, we all have a soft spot for candies that brings out the little kid in us. This makes a fabulous idea to be added in the fall wedding decor element list. You may select to install a candy bar or keep candy jars on the food tables.

8. Holiday Table Set up


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Image Source: Jerrye Gordon Events

A holiday table set up is generally filled with multiple cutlery sets including festive table linens. Of course, food looks like a gigantic supper when it comes to winter weddings. Time to get cosy!

9. Dessert with ribbons


Image Source: Travis Bateman Photography

Little decorative props such as adding ribbon to the cake make it look charming, so if you enjoy the little gifts then you can go for it.

10. Seasonal decorative & Tableware


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Each season has a theme and so does winter, therefore you can handpick little elements to throw in the decor and tableware for brownie points. Add reindeer, candy to the cutlery set or DIY centerpieces. Be extra, it is your big day!

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11. Display Bare Branches


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Image Source: Teale Photography

Bare branches portray modernity to the centerpieces, so you can consider them as a new addition to the wedding decor. They speak of the season by its appearance and would match the winter theme as well.

12. Wonderland Themed Fairy Lights



Image Source: Adelardo Cavalcanti

Numerous brides fantasize about a fairytale wedding which may be equivalent to a wonderland. To have this idea come to life, you can get fairy lights installed at the wedding venue. All the way from the entrance to the main area and Voila! 

13. Luxury Centerpiece Installation


Image Source: Nevesta Moscow, Signature Bride


Image Source: Salwa Photography

If your taste is towards the surreal side, then you are going to find the luxury centerpieces interesting as an idea. These elements create a focal point within the decoration which is idealised as well as are the cause for amusement at your wedding. Do wonders while you can!

14. Minimalist Touch


Image Source: Tiffany Keal Creative Studio

A big fat wedding may not be a part of your checklist so you could have a minimal decoration for your winter wedding. A soft colour palette with dramatic little decor elements could be your saviour. 

15. Rustic Vibes


Image Source: Special Events

Pampas Grass matches the rustic theme if your decoration planning has a room for an out of the box idea. Tweak them with the floral combination as they well contrast to the decor elements. You can also choose gold in your colour palette to get the picture-perfect decoration at the wedding.

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Spot your favourite decor element from our list and please share them away in the comment section below.