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15+ Work Wear Jewellery Ideas For Brides

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 25 August, 2020

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Hello, brides of millennia!

We are familiar with your choices and understand that humongous jewellery is not your thing when it comes to visiting the workplace regularly. A daily routine can make room for jewellery pieces that are rather sturdy as well as prestigious, so here are some exemplary ideas to how you can accessorise your workwear. This blog lists 15+ Work Wear Jewellery Ideas For Brides that might inspire you when shopping in the future. Scroll down to unleash some fabulous pieces.


Be it Diamond, Gold, Pearls, Emeralds or Kundan that you delight, we have collaborated styles that will not only suit your neck but your outfits too. These designs are exclusive to make you walk in any space like a diva, without having to appear over the top.

Saree, Kurta or Shirts, the aftermath of traditional jewellery will win you the look you are looking for. A necklace with gold and diamond is evergreen so match it up with Indo-Western outfits or anything you like because this pattern is already getting us heated.


Image Source: Tarinika

Rubies, Emeralds, Diamond and Gold are quite a sight. You surely are high-end if you like to pull together an exquisite piece like this multi-chained neckpiece. In-laws never fail to gift the best, and this gem is a real treasure.


Image Source: Tarinika

A modern bride whose heart lies within antique pendants and golden chains can flaunt a piece like this with anything. Your confidence will complement everything.


Image Source: Tarinika 

A Diamond necklace that your colleagues will drool upon while you can slay it all you like because Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!


Image Source: Tarinika 

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Expensive does not have to howl out of big jewellery chunks. Those who know all about gems and stones know where they are investing and what will stay with them in the long run. Similarly, when it comes to earrings, a bride is wishful about something that is subtle and speaks for itself.  

Pearls are admired by ladies and come in handy in the form of earrings for daily usage. Brides can choose to wear them with their workwear looking fab as well as modern.


Image Source: Isharya

Gold studs are fashionable and have been ideally worn by women for eras. However, one needs to find a unique piece to adorn for regular use keeping it subtle. 


Image Source: Azva Vows

A spiralled stem of diamonds hooped into a set of earrings is hard to neglect. We are kind of crushing on them too. How about picking something similar or getting this design custom-made as there can be no bad day this pair cannot handle. 


Image Source: HIBRIDE


Along with the Chuda, a newlywed bride wears bangles but who wants to overdo and hide it all under the sleeves? All glitz and glam can wait for a party and not enter your workspace jingling all the time. Explore the bangle options that could be your new buddies. Yay!

Rusty Gold with Diamond floral motifs in this bangle set of two is all that can do magic as soon as you adjust them on your wrists. It will live the best of both worlds suiting casual and occasional needs.


Image Source: Paisley Pop Shop

Show off a set of Gold bangles at your office or Kitty-Parties, as they will get many hearts burning. The elegance spurs right out of them and will be a companion to all your attires.


Image Source: Paisley Pop Shop

A slender Kada-style gold bangle set with a single motif, for ladies who idolise sophisticated jewellery pieces. It is fit to solve the purpose of casual use keeping the trend factor intact. 


Image Source: Tarinika 

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Brides like the idea of saving space for plenty of gemstones and diamonds, of course. Why leave the fingers lonely when you can accessorise them daily with mind-blowing rings? If you are a bride-to-be, then we bet suggestions are being asked so check out the designs we have to make up your mind.

A ring made with precious gemstones and lined with diamonds are extraordinary. They can be the enhancers of your pretty fingers, setting out the vibe of grandness. 


Image Source: Pinterest

The enduring charm of gold rings that are delicately carved to perfection can be an element to add in that jewellery box of yours. They seem regal and suit the ethnic tastes while never running out of style. 


Image Source: White Bird Jewellery

As solitaires are to fall in love with how can we not wish to own a ring that equips one in it? Alas, shapes cannot get better than this! It is apt for day-to-day use, keeping you at the top of the bride game.


Image Source: Natalia Augustyn


Call it a cultural influence or fondness, as numerous women prefer wearing Payal in their daily lives. If you are one of them, then pile up the ankle-length garments because we have some ideas to enthral you.  

A lavish Payal studded with diamonds without jingly Ghungroo can be tied around the ankles for daily operations, especially when the design is similar to our provided inspiration.


Image Source: Ashok Arsh

A gold chained Payal with curves and diamond drops are bride friendly as well as workplace friendly. Skirts, Sarees, Kurta or anything can match along with them.


Image Source: Pinterest

The set of silver payals remains in fashion due to its traditional factor appearing smart in simple bands without ghungroo. No one likes to draw attention to the professional places so eliminate the chiming. 


Image Source: Vah Photography

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If we managed to fascinate you with our listed ideas, then please share with us your favourites in the comment section below.