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15+ Badass Groomsmen Poses That Are Worth Framing

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 10 August, 2020

Image Source: The Glam Wedding

Hello Boy Squad! 

This one’s for you because you may be bro coding for decades and have an absolute hilarious gallery to giggle about. Perhaps, you could recreate your memories with the groom-to-be and sport a photography session before your buddy takes the vows. It is insanity to miss the fun of a photoshoot as we have an inspiring set of images waiting for you to try, so team up and check out 15+ Badass Groomsmen Poses That Are Worth Framing.

The Suited-up Toast Shot


Image Source: Lilly Red

Generate an awesome-groomsome moment with your boys while toasting for a great future. This pose is all you need for the memorable click, so don’t forget to suit up of course!

The Superhero Tribe


Image Source: VEK Photo

This could be your moment to dress up like a superhero and get a little extra for the picture. You sure will appear like a hero tribe, so do it to reminisce.

Spin Them Moustache Up


Image Source: Amrit Photography

A typical Indian-Jatt expression to try with your pals. Just twist and spin the moustache up for this one and if you like then get the couple in the spotlight to give it a dramatic touch. 

Get Chained Together


Image Source: Lin & Jirsa Photography

Well, you may or may not have played the chain game in your childhood, but this can be candid that’ll freeze the memory. Wrap your arms around the others to achieve this unique picture.

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The Badass V Walk


Image Source: Robin Saini Photography

If you are interested in getting yourself clicked like a badass, then be a V walk poser to get this shot right. Simply place yourself one after the other, creating a V shape and walk along with shady expressions.

Open-Armed Squat Hoot


Image Source: Lin & Jirsa Photography

Bring in the energy to capture this insane snap because your favourite guy is about to tie the knot. Groomsmen can group up and hoot while squatting a little, keeping their arms open. Easy-Peasy!

The Candid Laughter


Image Source: Hitched & Clicked

Let your cameraman find you in an enriched conversation to extract the nostalgia within. He will have the precious click while you conveniently share the laughter. Shutter sounds to you!



Image Source: Aaron Eye Photo & Video

Celebrations often come in shot glasses too, and you need not forget to frame the moment while you drink up to a happy married life. Just sip it up and have your gang clicked by the photographer.

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The Dancing Groomzilla


Image Source: Sapan Ahuja Photography

Make some noise and get Desi for the perfect picture because as you dance to the beats of dhol. Let your paparazzi capture the flashy memory. It surprises us that you do not have to be a poser for great images!

Clasped Hands


Image Source: Lin & Jirsa Photography

A graceful act for a picture can be clasped hands that looks super royal and is effortless. Twinned groomsmen can totally nail it!

Happy Dancing


Image Source: Shutterstock

From animated characters to movie actors, a happy dance is everybody’s favourite and instantly puts up a smile. This is just what your photographer needs for a crazy picture, so go on, do your thing and put up your expression.

Quirky And Random


Image Source: Photocall Blog

If halting for a pose is not your thing, then just get quirky and random. Yes! It makes a worthy composition for an image that will undoubtedly share humour forever. Twerk or be pretentious about a dramatic look for this shot!

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Pose With The Bride


Image Source: Creative Photography, Wedlock

It is cliche to be mostly clicked around the groom, so take a picture with the gorgeous bride. Jump around and create a joyous memory of all of you in a frame. It will definitely fix up a smile.

Classic Folded Arms


Image Source: Diva Studios

The pose is just as simple as bread and butter to fold up your arms and smile at the camera to get this image right. The trick is just as amazing as its result!

Men Can Twin Too


Image Source: The H Photo

Share your exclusive twin stories in the future as you create your own twin moment. Groomsmen nowadays find it fascinating to twin and get clicked. Be it any pose, they slay it their way.

The Proud Indian Moment


Image Source: Hilary Cam

It feels exotic to occasionally dress up in traditional Indian attire, so why not click the handsome men walking in them? It depicts a scene from a Bollywood movie; therefore, do not miss it out!

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One or all. How many poses are you trying? Share with us in the comment section below.