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13 Most Romantic Proposal Ideas that will definitely make her say YES!

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

So you have dated long enough, and you are head over heels in love with your soulmate. Now, all you want to do is buy the ring and propose to her. Planning the perfect proposal can be tedious, especially when you want it to be perfect and make it a moment she cherishes forever. I have made a list of the 13 most romantic proposal ideas for you that will make her scream. Yes, yes, yes, in joy!  

Now, without further ado, please scroll down for the coolest proposal ideas to make your partner feel most loved!


Most Romantic Proposal Ideas that are going to make her love you again!


Best Proposal Ideas Ever

These are the most recommended and adorable proposal ideas for you that will be surely cherished by your soulmate.  

Marry Me Sign, Flowers, Candles and Wine: A Perfect Combo for Proposing HER

This is one of my favourite proposal ideas, it has worked so wonderfully for all my friends and readers. I would certainly classify it as an absolute ‘must-try’. You may club this proposal idea with the other proposal ideas and make it a memorable experience for her. I don’t think it needs more elaboration. The pictures are pretty self-explanatory.

best wedding proposal ideas


Unique proposal ideas



marry me sign proposal ideas


Best couple proposal ideas


Sweep her off her feet proposal idea


Make it grand. Pick a special day such as her birthday, Valentine’s Day, the day that you moved in together, basically any day that is special for you both. Go to the fanciest restaurant in town or your favourite upscale restaurant. Bring her, her favourite flowers, say that you wish to make this date really special. 


Get a vintage car or a limousine to pick the two of you up. If the restaurant does not have a live band, request them to let you bring your artist.  

Go to the restaurant a couple of days before the actual date and reserve a table, tell them your plan and request to speak to your server to ‘let him in’ on the plan. Once you have done all of the above, you are all set. 


Now pick and choose if you want to put the ring in her champagne glass or have it on top of her favourite dessert. 

Wedding Proposal Vintage car

Wedding Proposal at Restaurant

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Treasure Hunt Proposal Idea

Every couple has their favourite place, on top of a mountain, or a little hike in the forest. Leave her relevant clues to find you. Put a clue at each spot along with a little goodie. You may also keep a nicely framed picture of the two of you on the spot waiting for her. You may also ask for a friend or family member to help her out with the clues.


Be sure to deck up the final spot where your partner meets you with candles, flowers, balloons and more. 




Irresistible cuties for the proposal ideas


Do you both love dogs or animals? Who can really resist these cute creatures?  

Use your pet or get a puppy that she would totally adore, and it also conveys the message for you. You can be assured she would definitely fall in love with their cuteness and be in awe of this cute yet thoughtful proposal forever.  

proposal ideas with animals

Best proposal ideas ever

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A walk down memory lane Proposal


Keep it casual. Pour her a good wine, put on her favourite music. Ask her to have a look at the treasure trove of pictures that you found browsing photos on the phone. Tell her you decided to print them all as they reminded you of so many sweet memories together. 


Put a note behind each picture and be sure to take her for a walk down memory lane before she reaches the final photo with the question. The last picture is your cue to get down on your knee and bring out the ring. 

trending wedding proposal inspirations


New Age Proposal Ideas 

Trending proposal ideas that will make your proposal memorable to both of you. 

Hot Air Balloon Ride Proposal

Be sure that your better half is not scared of heights, take her for a hot air ballooning ride. Make sure that your pilot knows about the plan and is in on it. The pilot would be able to tell you when is the most scenic view to go down on your knees. The combination of being gazillion feet above the ground, with the sun against the hills and a cute speech followed by the question is just perfect!

wedding inspirations hot air balloon ideas


Propose her on top of Burj Khalifa


Burj Khalifa offers two levels to enjoy a panoramic view of Dubai to the tourists. The 125th floor and 148th floor. No doubt the 148th floor comes at a premium, but it is totally worth it. 148th floor is less crowded, and you will get more space for the two of you to cherish the moment. Once again, do not forget to let the staff in on your plan. 


A Rooftop with a View  

Propose her on top of Burj Khalifa

Propose her on top of Burj Khalifa

Propose your partner in a paradise under the stars! Take her to a beautiful rooftop with a scenic view. You can make your proposal more special by getting that place decorated to add a tinge of charm to it. A few great options that come to my mind immediately are the Sky Bar at Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai and The Bar restaurant at Amar Vilas Agra. The Bar restaurant at Amar Vilas Agra offers one of the

best views of the Taj Mahal.  

Best proposal ideas at taj Mahal



Propose her in the middle of the desert


You can choose the sand dunes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and propose her during a desert safari. You can also consider proposing her during the evening festivities. You may quietly sneak out with her to a secluded spot which is decked up with candles and petals and go down on your knees to ask her hand to marry. 


In India, the locations that I recommend for this are the Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer, Dechu and Khimsar. If you are staying at hotels like Suryagarh Jaisalmer, Samsara Dechu, Desert Resort Manvar or Khimsar Fort & Palace and let them in on your plan. These hotels will create a visual spectacle for you and your soulmate. 

Proposal at middle of the desert


Proposal on the beach – A timeless proposal idea


Indeed, this proposal idea is evergreen, just like Bollywood actress Rekha. For a beach proposal, you can choose between many of the beach resorts, shacks, restaurants. Again, for the nth time, letting the venue in on your plan well in advance is very crucial and important.  

A Romantic Getaway

Plan a vacay, somewhere you and your love can have the time of your life. You can choose to propose her on the way to the airport, in the flight or on your first dinner date at your chosen destination. 

A Romantic Getaway proposal

Propose to her in Santorini Greece


Santorini is an island off the coast of Greece and is considered to be one of the most romantic places in the world. Especially the towns of Oia and Imerovigli. Proposing in the beautiful Santorini is one of the most romantic gestures, provided you have not forgotten the ring home. Hire a local band, choose a scenic spot and let Santorini do the magic for you. Best time to propose, Sunset or Sunrise, depending on if she is a morning person or an evening person. 

Propose to her in Santorini Greece


unique wedding proposal ideas 

Proposal at the iconic Eiffel tower


Hire a photographer, buy some flowers and bend the knee. The majestic Eiffel tower will do the rest for you. Paris is considered to be one of the most popular destinations for proposing. 


Bonus Tip: DIY Proposal ideas for Indian grooms-to-be

Whether you are a boyfriend madly in love with her or you are a soon-to-be-groom, here are a few examples that you can use to make your proposal exciting and memorable.

 iconic Eiffel tower wedding proposal


A cute proposal idea

You can do this with the help of your friends or even better if you have her friends also. 


A cute proposal idea


If you want to keep your proposal low key and intimate, you can check out some of this amazing stuff I found on amazon.in

 Surprise in the Cup, Beautiful Buntings, For a teetotaller, Little Box of Love, Chocolates- An Old Favouritee, A Hug in the Mug

   a perfect proposal for couples

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The perfect wedding proposal checklist

 To help you not to miss out on anything important, here’s the proposal checklist to go through. Feel free to add more items to it as you go about planning. 

Smile on your face – You cannot look nervous or stressed. Remember that your smile brings one on her face too.

Music – Plan well in advance for the song that you want to be played. Check if your band can play your song. If you can, give them a playlist of follow up songs as well. If you are not using a band, be sure to email the exact version of songs to your proposal venue and the order in which you want them to play.

Ring – Do not forget the ring.

Flowers – Be sure to check that you can get the flowers that she like


The perfect wedding proposal checklist



It’s always a good idea to hire a photographer or videographer on standby or a common friend who can film and shoot this moment lurking from the shadows.


Best proposal ideas


No one knows her as you do. You need to know if she is someone who would like a grand gesture or something very private. In case you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to meet her BFF or a family member whom she is really close to and ask them. In a nutshell, you don’t want to overwhelm someone who is a private person with a grand romantic gesture or vice versa. If you need any help in planning the perfect evening for your special someone or a simple suggestion about an excellent proposal idea, do feel free to get in touch with us.