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11 Unique Food Display Ideas For Weddings

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 24 July, 2020

Image Source: Tesco

A dream wedding is often pictured with fascinating ideas which can leave a lasting impression. So make your ceremony memorable by relishing food counters because basic hospitality involves feeding guests well. The tunnel of tummy always touches the heart. So get your relatives drooling over catchy food stations. We have incorporated a list of 11 Unique Food Display Ideas For Weddings. Scroll down to check out these inspirations.

1. Colourful Popsicle Dipped Cocktail


Image Source: Sugar And Charm

Colourful Popsicle dunked in cocktail appear exciting and will pull the liquor lovers’ attention at your gala. The flavour can be equally amusing, thus you can pursue this idea for your grand affair.

2. Fruit Punch Mason-Jar Dispenser


Image Source: Pro100 Event Agency

Everyone loves a free flow of fruit-punch and mojito and what better way to serve it than in mason-jar dispensers. The fruity slices in the beverage are a sure burst of tanginess. Perhaps, you don’t want to miss this one out.

3. Appetisers In Miniature Cones


Image Source: Urban Kitchen Catering

Lip-smacking appetisers can be served in miniature cones for not only the flattering display but also to serve without a mess. This method will efficiently have your finger-food consumed. 

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4. Biryani In Kullhad


Image Source: Hoopla Events

A little of everything can be tasted in tiny portions. So have your biryani served smartly in a Kullhad, i.e. a clay glass. It will draw the attention of your guests with an interesting display.

5. Delightful Doughnut Wall


Image Source: Sista Cafe

Create a sweet visual with a wall of doughnuts, so they satisfy your taste buds before a wholesome bite. A colourful arrangement will be just the right way of this set-up. Delight your sweet tooth with a twist. 

6. Test Tube Shots


Image Source: Tesco

Call your alcoholic buddies to try test tube shots as this is the new age hipster way of serving them. Make your cocktail extraordinary by adding these little elements of joy. Serve them chilled and enjoy the buzz.

7. Vintage Cart Set-up


Image Source: Facilisimo

Vintage carts in white can bring out a Victorian vibe to your theme. It will make a fabulous booth along with various delicacies placed on top of it. You may even have it match with your enchanting wedding decor to harmonise the colour combination.

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8. Cupcake Ferris-Wheel


Image Source: Lucia G Estudio

A little cupcake Ferris-wheel will amuse the kids at your event while making the dessert counter looking attractive. You may use a pop-coloured table cloth to bring a little quirkiness to the table.

9. Rustic Barrel Themed Bar Station


Image Source: Gardenia Social

Why only bars when food counters can be supported by Rustic barrels. You can consider the countryside decor for your wedding food display. It is unique and catchy at the same time. Afternoon or night, this will have the crowd pulled towards itself.

10. Sauce Filled Pipettes


Image Source: Ridgewells Catering

Our favourite display is the sauce filled pipette that can be used for as many appetisers as you desire. Squeeze in the dip and enrich your dish. These disposable pipettes are not too hard to find, so utilise this idea while it is new.

11. Syringe Skewed Display


Image Source: Good Food Good Karma, Two Birds Cafe

Syringe skewed display for doughnuts and burgers is another imaginative technique to bring flavour to your taste-buds. As much as it is desired by its portrayal, it will definitely have you go nom-nom with every bite. What savory!

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If you like these inspirations, then please share with us your favourite picks in the comments below.