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11 Tricks To Bring Positivity During COVID-19

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 30 July, 2020

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It is time to rise up from the mishap of the COVID-19 and let your soul feel happy again. One can only fill the cup of others once their own is filled, so starting today and in fact from now onwards practise positive affirmations. Start by telling yourself that you are privileged enough to unleash bigger and better things in life. There are so many ways to overcome this halted phase of life, including the list of 11 Tricks To Bring Positivity During COVID-19. Scroll down and attract the best.

1. Increase The Intake Of Positive News


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Limit the saddening news and watch positive news on the television. Such as, an invention of the virus vaccine or the number of people who have recovered. Find out about the technological advancements of sanitisation. This information will not only satisfy you but also encourage you to adapt to the new normalisation. 

2. Get In Touch With Your Loved Ones Virtually


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You may be homesick or missing your friends during the lockdown, so dial them up. Virtual meet-ups are equally relieving since you can find out if your family and friends are doing well. Schedule these events regularly to cut out the loneliness factor from your life. Blessed be technology!

3. Start Your Day With A Zumba Sweat Session


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Nothing beats a Zumba Session. You will not only burn calories but also feel energised and cheerful. Staying at home for long hours may cause you lethargy. Therefore it is essential that you workout at least four times a week. This will attract positive energy towards you.

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4. Spike Your Life With Humour


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Laughter is the remedy for any stressful situation being faced. It will provide you with a joyful head-space and keep you out of the anxious zone. You can hook yourself up with comedy movies or shows to try this option. Alternatively, you may watch a stand-up comedy or hilarious videos listed on Youtube. 

5. You Deserve Self-Care


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With too much time you can work on Self-Care, come on! You deserve it. No busy schedule to follow and availability of the internet must be taken advantage of. Save every DIY remedy for your face, body, nails and etc. to give a shot. Get your skin glowing or get rid of blackheads may be, it can be anything.

6. Indulge In Beauty Regimes


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Make your own night cream by browsing online for some cool DIY overnight masks. It is fun to figure out what your body is demanding presently, so you could fix it before your office is back to its operations. Indulge in beauty regimes by starting your day with aloevera gel and washing off your face mildly before you doze off.

7. Flush Out Negative Thoughts With Yoga


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Meditation and Yoga are the best ways to flush out negative thoughts as well as bringing back the peace of mind. You may need this if your mind and body are hovering around stress or anxiety. Watch Youtube videos for free to try this and give yourself two weeks for a better change. Remember, patience is the key! 

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8. Remind Yourself That It is Just A Phase


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Keep on reminding yourself that this is just a phase and it shall pass sooner or later. This outlook will bring you one step closer to positivity, and your mind will be lighter than usual with the thought of change. Just inhale and exhale calmly and focus on your breathing to shoo away distractions.

9. Take Up An Online Course


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Oxford and other educational websites have been offering various online courses to be taken up currently. You can get a hold on one of them, and work up your skills. These certifications have great values in the corporate world, and you need not resist them. You have the time and chance now!

10. Keep Busy To Eliminate Unnecessary Vibes


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If free time is killing you and planting negative thoughts, then you need to put yourself on the right schedule and think of this time as a summer break. All your schedule can have rejoicing activities that keep you both busy and energised. The key is to stay busy and eliminate negative vibes.

11. Actively Make Digital Social Plans With Your Friends


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You know it is just the time to enjoy the guilty pleasure of too much socialising. Choose Instagram, Facebook, Zoom Call, Snapchat or wherever you like to spend the majority of your time on a daily basis. Stay connected with your friends via social media and fill your calendars with social plans. Let people know that you are doing great and clicking worthy selfies. Inspire them all!

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By this time you may have decided on executing a couple of tricks from our list. So try them out soon and let us know in the comment box about how it brought you positivity.