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11+ Wedding Fictions- Feed Your Soul With The Best Reads During Quarantine

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By Meenal Modi

Updated on 23 April, 2021

Hey peeps, 

Wedding season is round the corner and it is that time of the year again when everyone comes together to witness the holy union of two souls. But here is a catch, a lot of us haven't got an invitation due to the sudden spike in covid cases. To invoke that joy and excitement again, scroll down and check out our list of '11+ Fiction Books To Feed Your Soul With The Best Reads During Quarantine'. These love stories are a perfect fusion of books and brides.

1. Me Before You By Jojo Moyes


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Me Before You is one of the best-selling novels of the UK which will take you to a journey full of emotions and insightfulness. The story revolves around Lou and Will. When they both met, Will had given up on his life but Lou was determined to make him see happiness in the smallest things in life. With a lot of gut-wrenching and sweet moments, this book will give you a new definition of life.

2. The Bride By Julie Garwood


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The bride is a breathtaking romantic novel, focusing on the characters Jamie and Alec. He is an arrogant warrior with a tender heart whereas she is quick, feisty, relentless and exceptionally beautiful. Their bond evolves at a natural pace and their chemistry is outstanding. The story takes you on a journey filled with humour and surprises.

3. Where Rainbow Ends By Cecelia Ahern


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If you have a weak spot for stories where friendship turns into romance, this book is a must-read for you. Best friends since childhood, Rosie and Alex, grew up together facing life in their way while preserving their friendship. Would they ever be able to find out that they are a match made in heaven? Get your hands on this book and find out what happens.

4. Until Love Sets Us Apart By Aditya R. Nigghot


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From college romance to getting married, the classical love tale takes a tragic turn when a tragedy occurs. Does their love have the power to survive the monstrous storm that has taken over their lives?

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5. I've Got Your Number By Sophie Kinsella


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Poppy finds herself on the verge of breaking down when she loses her phone and engagement ring on the same day. Well, she does find a phone in the dustbin and keeps it (finders-keepers). Although the owner isn't going to let it go. He certainly wants his phone back. Their text conversations will keep you hooked and will make you laugh. The book will let you escape from the practical world and take you on a dreamy joy ride full of laughs.

6. A Suitable Boy By Vikram Seth


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Lata Mehra's family is on a mission to get her married to a suitable boy. Some standards are to be met according to the typical Indian system of 'arrange marriages' lies ahead. But no one knows that Lata already has her heart stuck on someone. She's trapped in the web of family drama, love, prejudice and caste system. The story will engage you as if it were your tale.

7. Three Wishes By Liane Moriarty


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To undying love of sisterhood, stirred drama and bold women. The realistic and heart-touching story of each sister gives you some bitter life lessons and inspires us to break free of the chains of society.

8. If I Never Met You By Mhairi McFarlane


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The book is a heartwarming fun tale of heartbreak, friendship and self-discovery. After her long-term boyfriend dumps her, Laurie and her colleague Jamie start fake dating to take revenge on her ex. But their fake relationship turns into a real one when they start falling for each other. Indulge yourself in this tale of love games which will make you laugh and fall in love with the imperfections of life.

9. The Wedding Tamasha By Sudha Nair


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Like any Indian girl, Shweta is pressurised by her parents to reconcile with her abusive husband and abandon the idea of divorce. All this is happening amidst a wedding where Shweta has fallen in love with the groom's best friend. Join her in comic turns of the event in this Wedding Tamasha. 

10. You Deserve Each Other By Sarah Hogle


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What may seem to be perfect from the outside might be broken from the inside. Nick and Naomi, the so-called perfect couple are getting married. Fallen out of love, they both are now on a quest to make each other's life hell and getting the marriage out of the cards. Get ready to roll out on the floor with our pick 'You Deserve Each Other'.

11. A Vintage Wedding By Katie Fforde


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Three charismatic ladies, looking for fresh beginnings cross each other's path and bloom a beautiful friendship which rapidly turns into a business partnership. To fulfil their ambition of becoming the best wedding planners and talk of the town, these women will have to let go of their past and discover their inner strengths. Witness their intriguing journey in the book 'A Vintage Wedding'.

12. I Temporarily Do By Ellie Cahill


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To get a roof on their head and complete the graduation program, Emmy and Beckett had to marry each other but there is a condition, it is just a temporary set-up to save their last option, the married couple quarters. Things get heated when they both start liking each other. Will their sizzling chemistry turn their lies into reality, grab a copy and find out yourself.

Do tell us which wedding fiction got your attention and share your picks in the comments section below!