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11+ Indoor Photoshoot Ideas For Couples

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 29 July, 2020

Image Source: Vintage Films

Romance flows naturally in the lives of a couple, so why not spice it up by capturing those intimate moments? The global outspread of the Coronavirus might still be causing you to stay at home most of the time, leaving you to the advantage of making the most of it. Therefore, bring out your DSLR or smartphones and set timers because we have a list of poses ready exclusively for you. Try out these 11+ Indoor Photoshoot Ideas For Couples and invest the time with your significant other. 

Romantic Morning Coffee


Image Source: The Videowala Photography

They may appear to you as fresh daisies in the morning and give your face the glow of love that is a must click. Especially when you exchange the romantic stares upon your dusk coffees.

Best of Hugs


Image Source: Bride Essentials

Hugs are super relieving, and when you have your hubby to grab you gently, all the chaos swiftly zaps away. So, this makes a perfect pose to freeze for eternity. It is always a great idea to create positive memories to look back upon.

Slay The Couple Plank


Image Source: Vivek Krishnan Photography

If you are a fitness-oriented couple, then you would love this idea of the duo plank. The plank-pose is no rocket science and we are sure of you slaying it. Hence, turn it into reality and shoot it right to mesmerise it all the way to your old age. 

Recreate A Leisure-Treasure Moment


Image Source: The Story Weavers

You might be the picnic loving partners or those who like to barbecue in the backyard. If this is relatable to you, then the chances are that you recreate leisure-treasure moments which are worthy of a picture by creating a picnic setup at home. Indoor photo-shoots have never been so smooth!

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The Cosy Candid


Image Source: Amrit Photography

Yes! Clicking your daily life can help you make an admirable album to reminisce. So even if it is your cosy bed hour, make it a shot to frame it in your bedroom. Natural expressions bring one of the best pictures.

The Meal Sharing Click


Image Source: Shutter Down

Sharing is caring as we know, therefore bring out your camera and pose while you share your meal. It might seem like the cutest of the date that is set up at home. So, one with your homie!

One For The Gamers In The House


Image Source: Happy Flashbacks Photography

An amusing way to spend quality time with your honey is to play video games every once in a while. While you are doing you, time your camera and say cheese! Each minute of your precious love-story counts. Let people know about post-marriage life. Certainly full!

Catching Up On conversations


Image Source: Happy Flashbacks Photography

Making a bucket list, planning about the future, or ongoing heart-to-heart conversations do not need you to pose. Be it on your cooled off comfy couch on a summery day that you decide to click an image of yours, just gazing and there, you have a picture-perfect moment.

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Romance With A View


Image Source: Multipixelz Photography

Every doublet has a spot they love to come by and share about an hour or so. Give that space an occasion of a photo-shoot and place a tripod for the best of your still shots. Benchmark your love at a balcony maybe with a view. 

Let’s Be Weird Together


Image Source: Mangotree Wedding Company

Click your moments of joy as a couple, even if it is a weird one. These random images can make a laughter worthy gallery for future. You may as well pick random accessories to get this shot.

The Couple Bubble


Image Source: Avnish Dhoundiyal Photography

Believe it or not, but life after marriage is a fairytale that keeps a couple in a bubble of dreams. Therefore, when you are sharing your surreal visions in a snuggly corner of your house, spare a minute or two to capture the soulful moment.

The Sprinkling Flowers


Image Source: Cool Bluez Photography

Filmy fantasies can be brought to life from the ease of your house. For instance, creating a dramatic moment under the sprinkling flowers can get executed from your porch itself. You just need to time your camera and take your position for this movie-inspired shot.

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