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10 Wedding Planning Pro Tips To Keep In Mind

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 12 August, 2020

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Wedding is an occasion that is one heck of a big deal for all those who indulge in the ceremonies. Therefore it is important to plan it at least six months before the date. It is ultimately a vision that is to be brought to life going hand in hand with additions that the hosts wish to inculcate. No matter how big or small the wedding checklist is, it has got to be well managed. Shockers amidst the functions can be unsettling along with the failure of execution that was initially imagined. Wedding experts advise basic rules that can make a matrimonial celebration a success. So we present 10 Wedding Planning Pro Tips To Keep In Mind before you host your wonderful event.

1. Procrastination Can Delay The Fun


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If there is a hype about the wedding at your home, which is just around the corner, then it signifies it is time to start researching and avoid procrastination. Perhaps, making a plan of action to the soonest will serve you the best. As it will allow you to book a wedding planner and vendors just in time. Delaying the plan can result in fun delayed too, so pull up your socks and take the lead.

2. Get Yourself A Top-Notch Wedding Planner


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You must always bring a wedding planner in the loop who has excellent experience in their field. They can suggest multiple options related to vendor selection and decor that you have in mind. Research online and visit websites to book a Top-notch wedding planner. Some planners may have attractive packages to offer, and this can benefit you during the planning process.

3. Budgeting Is Essential


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Setting a budget is essential because it allows you to work within the allowance. Overspending or reaching the peak of your budget may get your pockets empty and may even turn the fun into the money horror. So divide the costs generously by making use of your checklist and remember to always weigh when comparing services along with decoration elements.

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4. Prepare A Checklist


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Pen down all the event requirements. This may include Wedding planner, Photographers, Decorators, Caterers, Wedding favours, Makeup artists, Outfits and all that you wish to add. A checklist will help you to keep track of the wedding needs without missing out on anything. One can always go back to add, compare or remove elements from the list. One of the most organised way to execute plans!

5. Prioritise Hygiene


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You do not want your guests to contaminate themselves with any virus, so make hygiene a priority. Keep sanitiser handy at all times, book hygienic caterers and keep sure of the cleanliness altogether on the celebratory days. You may even consider including disposable and sustainable cutlery to maintain hygiene.

6. Selection Of the Venue


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Apart from the obvious budgeted venue, other aspects to note while selecting one are- the travel time, adequate space for guests, aesthetics, safety, indoor and outdoor area. Places are generally chosen months before the event as they tend to be mostly booked and have a busy calendar. Direct communication with the property manager is a crucial point here!

7. Compare And Select Services


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We often find ourselves choosing from services, whether it must be quality over quantity or vice versa. However, a choice must always be made where the balance lies. So you can end up at an option that has both quality and desired quantity. There will always be better options but keep in mind that you have a budget to take care of, you can check which option works best for you.

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8. Communication and Coordination is Must


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Communicating with the vendors regularly and sharing each decided detail can assure the best of their service. Therefore, it is a must to keep the communication well-coordinated and not miss out on a single element. 

9. Do Not Forget To Enjoy


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If you follow an organised methodology of wedding planning, then you will be able to enjoy the show. Kick away the hassles by smart planning and just sit back to enjoy a fruitful wedding gala. Over-stressing might keep you away from the healthy guest mingling.

10. Credit The Vendors


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Everyone who participates in a wedding ceremony from relatives to vendors must be acknowledged for their work. So you must appreciate them by adding credits when posting images, decor work or etc. on social media. This will encourage them to maintain the good work and be recognised for it.

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Share these key points with your family and friends for a hassle-free wedding ceremony.