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10 Quick and Easy Hairstyles That Any Woman Can Slay

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 28 July, 2020

Image Source: Ayeza Khan

Occasions, Work or casual meetups are events where self-representation is essential. Women mostly leave their hair down, curl or straighten them for a night out because a perfect hairstyle changes the entire look. But we all know the damage that these heat products cause to our hair. So if you are looking for heatless and easy hairstyles that will take you not more than a few minutes then continue reading. Indulge in modern hairdos and appetise your fashion cravings with the list of 10 Quick and Easy Hairstyle That Any Woman Can Slay. The best part is that it comes with a guide!

1. Messy Bun


Image Source: Cotton & Curls, Brittni Gilette

As per your desire of high or low, try this messy bun. For greasy hair days or the lazy ones, this style will make you feel alive by packing all those strands. You can even tease your hair for a lifted appearance and choose to add in embellished hairbands for a party.

2. Perfect Volume Pony


Image Source: All For Fashion Design

A simple ponytail gets boring for the days you may want to look chic in, so get a couple of rubber bands ready for this hairstyle. Tease your hair to puff it up and tie half of it first. Once done, tie the rest of it by hiding the lower ponytail behind the first one. It will give an illusion of a full volume ponytail.

3. Twist and Pin


Image Source: Alyaka

A hair down kind of day can welcome the twist and pin hairstyle. It takes only two minutes to twist two sections of your hair that can be pinned on the sides. That’s all! You are good to go. Accessorise it with fancy clips if you like. 

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4. Half Updo


Image Source: Rosalie Academy Trend

If you are in a mood for a half updo, then try this quick hairstyle. It will need you to braid two sections and twist them with another two hair sections. When done, you may clip it, tie it or even cover the rubber band by rolling your hair on it. Fix it with a pin and you are done! 

5. Inverted Low Ponytail


Image Source: Fashion Dioxide

Low ponytails are in fashion, so if you are in a hurry and want to look stylish, then get two rubber bands. Tie the upper half of the hair and invert to roll in the hair. Similarly, repeat the process with the rest of the hair. There you have an ultimate low ponytail! 

6. Braid and Bun


Image Source: Wedd Book

Basic buns can be boring even if they are quick. Try this simple yet adorable bun style. Braid your hair into three sections and keep the middle section thick. Then roll it up into a bun, so you have the texture and an attractive hairdo well-done!

7. Braid Head Band


Image Source: Bafbouf

Pick the section from behind your ears and turn them into slim braids. Wrap them above your head and pin the ends to the hair. This idea is for the romantic hairstyle lovers with only two pins in their pocket! 

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8. Fishtail Side Braid


Image Source: Missy Sue

Follow the image to practise fishtail side braid, as it can turn simple hair into a piece of art. On the side of your hair, braid one lean and one thick fishtail braid. Tease the thicker braid and place the lean one on top of it. Pin them behind your ear and admire it all day long. 

9. Sleek Vixen Hair


Image Source: Makeup.com

The magic of hairpins will be seen in this hairstyle. Brush your hair backwards and pull in the right side towards left. After the placement, you may pin them with 4 to 5 hairpins. Now take the left section and twist it inwards towards the right side. Once twisted, tuck the ends with a pin. To finish this style, pick a thin strand to tie the rest of your hair. Voila!

10. Clean Doughnut Bun


Image Source: Camille Styles

A velcro doughnut helps to create this look along with a few bobby pins. Workplaces or formal occasions call for clean buns and they can be very quick as well as clean. Tie up a ponytail and place the doughnut at the bottom. Then roll it upwards while folding the hair inwards. This technique will give you a perfect bun. In the end, you may tuck in bobby pins to pack extra hair.

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Test and share your experience with these quick hairstyles in the comment section below.