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How To Get 10 Illuminating Makeup looks With Just 5 Products

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 20 August, 2020

Image Source: Vipin Gaur Photography

The dewy makeup look is going wild within the beauty industry, and influencers have been slaying it on social media. From sheer glow to the glazed look, learn the basic beauty techniques to bring any of your favourite illuminating looks to life. We have the key product list to help you achieve your beauty goal and a queue of makeup inspirations to try. Explore How To Get 10 Illuminating Makeup looks With Just 5 Products.

Tricks with Five Illuminating products


Highlighters are on top of the beauty trend because of its blinding sparkle. It comes in the form of a Stick, Liquid and Powder. Pick your favourite based on how your makeup products blend with the highlighting formula. 


Image Source: Glow Sly

Glow Drops

Glow drops come in tiny bottles with a dropper containing shimmery oil or light cream. They can be applied after priming the face and before applying the foundation. 

You can try as many looks as you wish with the variety of shades it comes in. It can be mixed with foundation to achieve a natural glow. 

The glow drops are usually clear or tinted.



Image Source: In Style



Image Source: Lancome


Bronzer is used to enhance shadows of the face, which is why the products are in sheen chocolaty and caramel shades. As per the look or skin type you can choose to buy it in a Stick, Cream, Powder or Mousse form.


Image Source: Brikasia.com

Illuminating Powder

The illuminating powder is just the product to give your face a subtle glow. Blush, loose powder or compact are all powder-based. However, each of the product plays a different role. 


A compact powder helps you set your makeup with the right consistency. Luminous compact contains soft shimmer, so don’t get confused between a bronzer and illuminating compact powder. 


Image Source: Hayley Hall


The loose powder tends to give a poreless finish and must be applied generously. 


Image Source: Skincare.com


A tinted Illuminating pressed powder may include Blush and Eyeshadow. It highlights facial features with poppy or any shade of your choice. So you can make your cheeks look rosy to peachy with added shimmer.


Image Source: Becca

Illuminating Setting Spray

If you wonder how celebrities manage to get a wet facial look, then the holy grail is right here! An illuminating setting spray can give your regular look the dewy touch and can be paired with other illuminating products for a glamorous wet face look. Finish and set your makeup to make it last longer.


Image Source: Beauty Ill

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Try these 10 Illuminating Makeup Looks

Define your cheekbone and T-zone with a soft powder-based highlighter. 


Image Source: Nidhi Chaggar, Khush Magazine

Generate luminosity on your face by blending your foundation with glow drops. Apply a shiny peach blush with a golden highlighter and seal the look with a dewy setting spray.


Image Source: Shahnaz Islam

The fusion of Matte base makeup and peach blush is pure harmony. It can be achieved by laying powdered highlighter on brow and cheekbones.


Image Source: Hanif Jewellery

An elegant combination of gold glow drops and golden highlighter can give neutral makeup a fair twist.


Image Source: Saubhaya Bridal Makeup

Introduce your skin to a sunkissed look in the summer by using a bronzer. To get this look, slightly touch up with a silver highlighter.


Image Source: Raabta By Rahul

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The delicate natural golden lustre can be obtained from glow drops before foundation. It can then be merged with salmon pink blush and set with an illuminating spray.


Image Source: Shalini Singh Bridal Makeup

Get this radiant look by just adding glow drops to the foundation. Tweak in minimal blush, and it is done! 


Image Source: Misha Vig Makeup Studio

Heat up your beauty game with a flashy skin. You will need a stick highlighter on an illuminating foundation to achieve this look.


Image Source: Agha Noor Bridal Studio

Go for a sheer coverage look if you have flawless skin. Pair up a BB cream and clear glow elixir to rock this look.


Image Source: Meghna Jhuremalani

Play a little with the holographic highlighter and create this mesmerising look. Softly highlight your eyelids, Forehead, Nose, and Cheeks to even out the glow.


Image Source: Annie Shah Makeup

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Which trick worked for your favourite look amongst our listing? Please share with us in the comments below.